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Welcome To Dive In Limassol News Updates

Limassol Wrecks

It’s been nearly 2 years since The "Lady Thetis" and "Constandis" were sunk in Limassol bay, close to The Crown Plaza Hotel. They were sunk as part of an artificial reef project that Cyprus is working on, and what a great success they have been!

Recently, the final stage of the project has been completed with the placing of boulders between the wrecks, to encourage even more marine life, and allow the fish to migrate between the 2 wrecks.

In addition, to this the marker buoys are now all in place designating the area as off limits to ALL fishing. Although fishing was always prohibited, the new marker buoys should leave no doubts in anyone’s mind that it is illegal to fish in the area and those that who get caught will be prosecuted. This applies to all fishing, rods, nets as well as spear fishing.

So here we are in 2016 and at Dive In Limassol we are looking forward to planning our regular trips out to the wrecks, as we have done so since they were sunk. It has been fascinating up to now to see how the marine life has grown, in an area that previously was almost barren of aquatic life, and for 2016 to see even more!

A Hot Dive Trip To The Local Wrecks!

The Weather is certainly getting hotter, 39 degrees today and 42 tomorrow! Two fantastic dives yet again on our two new wrecks in Limassol, 'Constandis' & 'Lady Thetis' Completing an adventure diver course we also had the  pleasure of being accompanied by the Norweigan Navy Divers again! Nice full boat that's certainly what we like to see.

Norwegian Navy Loading up The Dive In Limassol Trucks
In The Navy You Can Sail The Seven Seas........

The glorious Cyprus weather is back on track after very strong winds all over Cyprus which had left us all very frustrated not being able to get in the water and go diving! We were very pleased to be able to once again take a fantastic day out diving The Zenobia, a Top Ten Wreck Dive along with the Norwegian Navy, with their full face masks and twin sets. A very early start, but so well worth it, two great dives, with great guys!

As divers we always stick to the motto, “take away memories and just leave behind bubbles”. We feel that it is part of our responsibility to help the authorities to enforce the fishing ban in order for the Artificial Reef project to be as successful as possible in Limassol, and in turn increase our customer satisfaction with each dive they do with us.

Come and join us on one of our trips out to the wrecks, it’s only a morning to dive both of these ships and to see the range of aquatic life on them. So you’ll be back in plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine around the swimming pool.

100th Dive and completed on The Zenobia 100th Dive on The Zenobia

Yet another customer milestone, Artem Butyrskikh reached his 100th dive today diving The Zenobia with the Dive-In team and his brother Roman. What we like to see more smiling faces!

Exploring some local history!

Fun and adventure exploring Limassol's two new wrecks. Fish life is already starting to inhabit the area which is great news for Cyprus. See more pictures of this exciting new project for Cyprus on our photo gallery page.

Limassol Wrecks Limassol Wrecks

Dive-In reaches its very own milestone by celebrating its 20th year as a PADI Dive Center as well as being based at The Four Seasons Hotel. We celebrated in style with Sascha Engeler our PADI Regional Manager along with staff past and present. A great night, see our Facebook page for all the pictures.

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